Tania Rincón se va de vacaciones a un crucero junto a su familia

Tania Rincón se va de vacaciones a un crucero junto a su familia

Tania Rincon enjoy the Easter holidays in a magnificent disney cruisewhere, together with their little children, they have enjoyed all the amenities offered by the experience, in addition to the fact that the parents of the famous woman joined the journey.

Through various publications on his Instagram account, Rincón has shared beautiful postcards next to his loved ones and enjoy the warm days this holiday season has to offer.

Accumulating memories and celebrating that my parents accompany us on this trip“, “Very happy“, are some of the descriptions that the presenter has written in the photographs that she has shared with her almost four million followers on Instagram.

In some videos shared by the famous one, the great love that exists between her parents and her children is observed, since her father does not stop playing with the driver’s little daughter, who is very smiling every time she sees a camera nearby.

Tania Rincon's Vacation

He is also Tania’s husband, Daniel Perezwho in the same way has shared some images of these days of rest and the ones that stand out the most are with his eldest son, who has fun with all the water attractions of the cruise.

In the most recent histories of the family, it is appreciated that they have reached Puerto Ricoa place where they also took the opportunity to take some photographs, in which it is seen that fatigue is the least important thing when they have fun as a family.

Children of Tania Rincon