Thalía abusa del botox y casi no puede abrir los ojos, la confunden con Lyn May

Thalía abusa del botox y casi no puede abrir los ojos, la confunden con Lyn May

Thalía abused botox and can hardly open her eyes, they confuse her with Lyn May. For many women in the middle of the show, it has become a priority to embrace their gray hairs, wrinkles, stretch marks and even chubby ones as a way of shouting to the world that they love each other as they are, but others, like the singer of “Amor a la mexicana “They don’t leave the old school and undergo expensive, painful and risky treatments to “stay young”.

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In the most recent photograph that the Mexican singer Thalía published on social networks, next to one of her dogs, she looked a little swollen on her face, which generated controversy and established a debate about the abuse of botox on an angelic face and for others beautiful like that of Laura Zapata’s sister.

Thalía has not responded to the criticism, but her fans have asked her to stop invading her face with products such as botox, because the woman is really beautiful and could age with dignity, embracing her wrinkles and gray hair as Salma Hayek does, for example. .

Other people definitely began to compare Thalía’s face with that of Lyn May and pointed out that the singer can barely open her eyes in the photo.

It is not yet known if the change in Thalía’s face is due to the misuse of a filter or if the singer definitely did use some aesthetic treatment to eliminate her wrinkles.

At what age should botox be given?

Botox is approved for patients over the age of 18, and most experts agree that patients in their 20s and 30s are a good age for preventative Botox treatment. It’s unlikely you’ll have enough lines to worry about before you’re 20, so it probably won’t be necessary to do it sooner.

Am I a good candidate for preventive botox?

Again, there is no hard and fast rule as to when you should start Botox, but before the age of 20 it is probably too soon. Certain wrinkles are often genetic, so once you start noticing fine lines that mimic what you see in your older relatives, you can seek treatment.

A doctor can usually tell if you need preventative Botox just by looking at your face. If you purse your lips, frown, or have a permanent frown, they can identify the areas to inject. This helps train the facial muscles not to fall back into that habit, preventing the formation of deeper or more noticeable wrinkles.

The great thing about preventative Botox is that it helps keep your muscle weak, which means you don’t need as much Botox as you age. Your Botox will last longer and need fewer treatments, as it doesn’t last forever, especially if it’s effective at preventing wrinkles. In fact, too much Botox can make you look older.

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