The Walking Dead Temporada: Tráiler de episodio 17 revela regreso de Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead Temporada: Tráiler de episodio 17 revela regreso de Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead wrapped up its 11B season on AMC last Sunday. After the broadcast, the drama released the promotional trailer for episode 17, this time showing a strong sign of the return of Rick Grimes with the final installment.

The Walking Deadthe hit zombie drama that premiered through the broadcast network AMC in 2010, it will conclude its story after 11 seasons when the next final episodes of the series hit fans’ screens in the fall of 2022. The series said goodbye this Sunday to the second installment, but not before releasing a preview promo and show Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) connecting the final part of the program with Rick Grimes, from andrew lincoln. (Spoilers for Season 11 Episode 17)

The connection with Rick Grimes shown in the trailer for episode 17 of season 11, could be revealing his return to The Walking Dead

What fans have been waiting for for some time could become a reality when season 11C hits the screen. The trailer that reveals a sneak peek of what will be part of episode 17, shows that The Walking Dead is preparing for the return of Rick Grimes with the final episodes of the series.

Recall that Rick Grimes disappeared at the end of the fifth episode of season 9 of The Walking Dead, after blowing up a powerful dynamite charge to bring down the bridge and prevent walkers from passing. Seriously injured on the river bank, he was rescued by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh); and with her, he was flown in a helicopter from the mysterious CRM organization. Since then, he has not been seen again and there are many fans who hope to see him again, and now it is the promotion that launches another signal.

AMC revealed the first teaser trailer for The Walking Dead’s eight-episode series finale on Sunday, showing Daryl and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) at war with Lance Hornsby (joseph hamilton) and the Commonwealth. With Hornsby’s military occupation of Alexandria, the crossbows won’t do. That is why the 30-second preview reveals Norman Reedus’ character wielding the firearm that Rick Grimes used to blow up the bridge in what was his presumed death: The Colt Python revolver.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 17 Trailer Hints That The Drama Is Preparing For The Return Of Rick Grimes

Without a doubt, this is a big connection from the final episodes of The Walking Dead to Rick Grimes, who according to the history of the show, after the explosion was Michonne (Call Guriralisten)) who found Rick Grimes’s revolver muddy and washed up on shore in the ninth-season episode “Scars”. Michonne eventually gives the gun to her daughter, Judith Grimes (cailey fleming), sometime during Daryl’s six-year search for Rick’s body.

Recall that it was through season 2 of the spin-off The Walking Dead World Beyond that fans learned that Jadis saved Rick Grimes to use as collateral for her entry into the Civic Republic of Philadelphia. But, on The Walking Dead, Michonne and Daryl still don’t know that it was Pollyanna McIntosh’s character who rescued him and they’re also not sure if Rick is alive or not. Therefore, Andrew Lincoln could be returning to his character for the series finale, as the actor claimed last year that he would never say no to reprising Rick.