Tik Tak: Ericsson a Colombia: ¡bienvenida al pasado!

The second Tik Tak sounds on Thursday, July 14 at WEEK and sounds on the side of the Ericsson-Apple fight. For those of us who had the use of reason at that time, we cannot forget the great corruption scandals of Ericsson in Colombia.

The payment of bribes by the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer was common between 1998 and 2001, at least. Ericsson called these bribes a middleman payment system, but it was soon revealed that it was a bribery scheme that got out of hand.

But in his time, and also related to the then state-owned Telecom, those Ericsson bribes were a big scandal. It does not stop producing curiosity why Ericsson obtained the 5G connectivity patent in Colombia in a very easy and quiet way.

Similar lawsuits with Apple also maintain the Swedish company in countries such as the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, but according to their spokespersons, Ericsson chose Colombia to try to operate that patent because the country has effective protection of industrial property transparent and fast. Who knows if Ericsson chose Colombia for other facilities that remind us of the past.

The fact is that the patent was won when the world is discussing whether a technology such as 5G is a heritage of humanity and, therefore, would not be patentable. The logical thing is that no, that it is not, it is as if the use of sunlight or wind were patentable; what may be patentable are the type of devices used to access this technology.

Due to the Ericsson patent, Apple was forced to pay a very high commission on each device it sells with 5G access. The Colombian judge then decided to prohibit the importation into the country of devices that incorporate access to such technology until Apple does not pay Ericsson what it already owes.

Two strange things happened around the grant of this patent. One, that to make the judicial decision in favor of Ericsson and take precautionary measures, Apple’s version was never heard, as if the Swedish company had filed its lawsuit against Apple covertly.

The second thing is that the judge’s decision about the precautionary measures against Apple, which prohibits it from selling its devices in Colombia, is made on a technology that, like 5G, does not yet work in Colombia.

The network par excellence is also neutral, it should not have owners, it is not from Ericsson, far from it, but the inevitable ridiculousness of respecting devices already purchased with this technology is committed, because what is going to be done? And those that already exist in Values in the centers of commerce. What cannot be imported commercially or tablets or phones.

Now all that is missing is for a judge to appear that prohibits the companies that will provide this technology from installing it in the country, that is, rather, this judge condemns them to live in the past or to buy the cell phones and tablets that the Swedish company Ericsson wants. . By the way, it would not be superfluous to investigate how it was that Ericsson earned such an incredible patent.