Tino Asprilla mostró videos de rumba con él en emotiva despedida

Tino Asprilla mostró videos de rumba con él en emotiva despedida

In the midst of the definition of what the funeral honors of Freddy Rincón will be like, after the announcement of his death on the night of Wednesday, April 13, more and more voices of farewell arrive.

Among the public figures who have expressed their condolences, the messages of his closest former teammates in the Colombian National Team stand out, such as that of Carlos ‘el Pibe’ Valderrama.

He was joined by former soccer player Faustino ‘Tino’ Asprilla, who had previously remembered his colleague with a broken voice on television and now paid tribute to him with party videos with him in his farewell publication.

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Freddy Rincón: ‘Tino’ Asprilla showed rumba videos with him in farewell

The Tulueño shared on his personal Instagram account fragments of recordings and photographs in which he enjoyed with Rincón, a former teammate of the Colombian National Team in the United States World Cup in 1994.

“What loneliness I have in my heart, deep pain and a lot of sadness. Pana, you leave a big void for your ’94 team, we’re going to miss you. Morocho, today you join the great team of those who have left us to play in heaven. All the shared moments remained in my mind, ”he stated in the publication.

Asprilla and Rincón appear laughing and dancing in those videos, in which it is evident that after their time in professional football they maintained a good friendship.

This was the post with which “Tino” paid a special farewell tribute to the “Colossus of Buenaventura” after the death of the Valle del Cauca at 55 years old.