Tipos de besos que te da un hombre que te ama

Tipos de besos que te da un hombre que te ama

Can a kiss determine the love that one person has for another? Well the answer is: yes, it can. Kissing can reveal much more about your partner than you think, and about how he really feels about you. This type of interaction includes feelings, gestures and touches that you should pay attention to if this doubt has taken over your head. We present you the types of kisses that a man in love gives.

Kissing can teach you much more about your relationship and about your life partner, not only if he needs to freshen his breath or stop eating strong foods. A kiss, in any of its types, can become a fact, a memory that can be engraved in the mind and heart forever, especially if it comes at the right time.

We could almost say that through the kisses of your partner, you can find out if he or she is the love of your lifeif he is really committed and crazy about you, both in terms of tenderness, passion and respect that all love relationships require. If a man really loves you, he will kiss you in the following ways:

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With a kiss on the forehead

It may seem like a kiss on the forehead is pointless or just friendly, but it has a much deeper meaning than you really think. With this type of kiss, your partner wants to say how much he really loves your whole being, not just your body. Is a kiss of protection, trust and love. When a man kisses you on the forehead, you will know that their feelings are real.

kiss on the nose

This is the most peculiar kiss that a man can give you. A kiss on the nose means that your man wants to make you smile, sometimes he may even bite your nose as a game. This means that he finds you irresistible, that he likes you a lot, and that he wants to prove it to you with a little fun.

Kiss on the head, equals love in a man

It’s in a man’s nature to feel protective of a woman.. A kiss on the head is a sweet and affectionate gesture that shows that your partner cares a lot about you. This kiss signifies love, protection, and a strong emotional bond between the two of you. Likewise, it is a symbol of comfort.

Kisses from a man, what they mean.

Kisses from a man, what they mean. / Special Pexels

kiss on the shoulder

The man who gives you this kiss wants to be devoted to you. This detail on the shoulder is a sign that he fully trusts you and is a way of show love and respect. He wants to dedicate himself to you and give you all his soul, thoughts and body, in addition to the fact that he wants to be present in your heart and that you feel comfortable in his company.

hand kiss

Some people may have forgotten the old ways, but the true gentlemen and men in lovenot. If your partner kisses you tenderly on the hand, it implies that he respects you and is willing to do everything for you. A kiss on the hand can be very flirtatious too, but if you’re already in a relationship and receive those types of kisses frequently, you know you have a true gentleman by your side.

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a slow kiss

This last kiss that men usually give indicates that your partner is completely relaxed and comfortable by your side. This kiss denotes a strong emotional and physical connection between the members of a relationship, and is usually accompanied by touching the hair, legs and other parts of the body, so, can become foreplay.

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