Todo los que debes dejar listo antes de vacaciones para estar tranquilo

When you go on a trip, and especially if it is more than just a weekend, you have to know what you must leave ready before vacation To be calm. Especially everything you have at home so you don’t spend more, maintain the home and others. Let’s look at some of the most essential.

Everything you need to get ready before vacation

Do you have plants at home?

In this case, make sure you give them away before you leave, and if it takes a while for them to come, you can do two things: either let someone come home to water the plants, or do automatic irrigation so that your plants have water for a long time. safe.

Don’t leave dirt at home

Before leaving, you have to take out the garbage and not leave any food or organic compounds, because with the heat, the smell can be worse and worse.

take out the light

As we have the fridge running, sometimes it is difficult to turn off the light, but it is one of the things that is done so as not to spend more. The ideal is that there is nothing in the fridge (you can eat it all before leaving) and leave the frozen food to someone. And so it will stay empty and you can remove the light without problem.

Unplug all electronic devices

Whether you turn off the light or not, then remember to unplug those devices that you are not going to use at this time because you will not be there. This way you can go calmer and there are no scares and also spend less on energy and money.

Blinds, curtains and blinds lowered

If a lot of sun usually enters the house, then you have to lower blinds and blinds. This will keep it cooler when you’re away during the time you’re going on vacation.

Keep valuables out of sight

When you go on vacation you hope that thieves won’t break in, but anything is possible. Then you have to keep well those objects that are of greater value. Leave them in a safe place, in another house, in a safe, in a place to store furniture and other belongings, etc.

Close the gas and water taps

In addition, it is worth closing the stopcocks for both gas and water because, although nothing has to happen, you will avoid scares such as possible leaks.


  • Tell someone you trust with whom you are going, leave your keys
  • Have everything ready to be able to leave with peace of mind