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transmisión gratis online, grupos y más

The draw was held in Doha, Qatar, with the presence of more than 2,000 guests, including renowned soccer players such as Cafú, a Brazilian legend, and the Colombian freestyler Sebastián Ortiz, better known as Boyka Ortiz. He, third in the 2021 Street Style World Championship, made a “show” at the event.

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Two-time Women’s World Champion Carli Lloyd and Samantha Johnson presented the gala together with Englishman Jermaine Jenas. There there were 4 drums among which the 32 teams that will play the World Cup were distributedaccording to the most recent Fifa ranking.

The teams that remain to be defined, three, remained in pot number 4, while the selections of Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) are located in the first, which was the group leaders.

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World Cup 2022 song made Shakira’s ‘Waka waka’ miss

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World Cup 2022 draw memes

The humorous images were also not lacking during this event; Some focused on how difficult it is for Mexico, the World Cup mascots and the confrontation between Spain and Germany.

Meme of the raffle, in a note of memes of the results of the raffle and mockery of the World Cup mascot.

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Defined the groups of the first phase of the World Cup Qatar 2022

This is how the nations that will play the World Cup were:

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Pot 4 draw: opening match will be between Qatar and Ecuador

Ecuador remains in group A2; UEFA playoff winner drops to B4; Saudi Arabia, to C2; winner of the playoff between Peru and its rival will go to group D2; Concacaf Playoff Winner Goes to Group E2; Canada, to F2; Cameroon, to group G4 and Ghana, to H2.

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World Cup Pot 3 draw

Iran goes to B2; Senegal, to A3; Poland, to C4; Serbia jumps to group G2; Tunisia, to group D4; Japan remains in group E4; Morocco remains in F3 and Korea in H4.

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Draw for the second pot of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Netherlands was in group A4; The United States goes in the B3; Mexico, to C3; Denmark is located in D3; Germany remains in E3; Croatia goes to group F4; Uruguay, seeded to group H3; and Switzerland was in the G3 group.

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Start draw with the heads of groups:

Eight football legends chose the ballots from the respective pots. Qatar, England, Argentina, France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and Portugal lead groups A, B, C, D, E. F, G and H, respectively.

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They present the World Cup

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“It will be the best World Cup in history”: Gianni Infantino

The Fifa president said he was excited for the World Cup in Qatar, thanked that country and congratulated all the qualifiers. He took the opportunity to send a message against the war, regarding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

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Tribute to Diego Maradona and other footballers who died

The ceremony recalled the best moments of the Argentine, Paolo Rossi, Italy’s top scorer in the world cups, and Gordon Banks, England’s historic goalkeeper.

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The draw ceremony began with Colombian in the ‘show’

The event began with a performance, which represents the culture of Qatar and its lands. Several ‘freestylers’ appeared in the middle, among them, the Colombian Sebastián, Boyka, Ortiz.

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World Cup Qatar 2022 mascot: La’eeb

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The official song of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is known

Fifa published the video for ‘Better together’, as the song is titled. This is the video:

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The guests for the World Cup draw begin to arrive

Former soccer players Ricardo Kaká and Andrea Pirlo and France coach Didier Deschamps were among the first to walk down the red carpet at the event, in Doha, Qatar.

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Pots of the World Cup Qatar 2022

Fifa distributed the teams that will participate in the tournament in four pots that were as follows: