una maleta resistente por cinco euros que se agota muy rápido

With the arrival of the Summer Vacation, It is likely that you have a trip scheduled, either by plane or by any other means of transport, such as a car, train or bus.

And since summer clothes are usually light and take up little space, even if you go Two or three weeks you can probably get by with one small suitcaseof those that are called cabin.

If that is your case but your suitcases are destroyed or you simply don’t have any, Carrefour has put one up for sale that measures 55.5 cm high, 37 cm wide and 24 cm deep.

exclusive item

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So far, there is no news, since the travel item It resembles thousands of others on the market. But if the suitcase in question from the French hypermarket It’s only worth 5 eurosperhaps it is already an exclusive item, due to its low price.

The bad news is that this Thursday it is impossible to buy one online, since it is Exhausted. The good news is that the French company has added a “temporarilynext to “out of stock,” which means they’re likely to re-sell these burgundy-colored ‘Sheen Expandable’ suitcases from their ‘It luggage’ line, which it only weighs 2.9 kilos.