Uruguay candidatura posible a mundial 2030 | Selecciones Nacionales

Uruguay candidatura posible a mundial 2030 | Selecciones Nacionales

Although it was known on Thursday, March 31, that Spain and Portugal had launched their candidacy for the 2030 World Cup, a new candidate joined them. Seeking to celebrate 100 years of World Cup history, Uruguay, as the first host of a World Cup, also set out to host in eight years. They will have a difficult decision in the voting if the pressure from Conmebol continues against those from Uefa.

In 2026, it will be three countries that will host, in this case, 48 teams and not 32. An exhausting decision for any player due to the number of trips in three different nations, that despite the proximity, the itineraries would be changing for the national combos. In 2030, there would be two such venues as the Portuguese and Iberian lands. However, Uruguay plans to join Paraguay, Chile and Argentina to share stadiums in 2030. A decision defended by Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol.

In South America they are realistic and they know that beating Uefa will be difficult to win that fight. Faced with this possibility, Conmebol and Uruguay have decided to present to Spain and Portugal the option of letting the opening match and one of the groups be played in Charrúa lands.

However, the president of the Uruguayan Football Federation, Ignacio Alonso, denied this option to Diario AS, ‘we have neither raised it nor do we have that idea. We want to host four South American countries, that’s the goal’. What is being discussed between Uefa and Conmebol is the possibility that the Nations League be expanded with South American teams.

Alejandro Domínguez maintained, ‘it is the first time I have heard the idea. At some point we will have to sit down to talk with Europe about the 2030 World Cup. There will be a lot of exchange of dialogue. Furthermore, he went on to say, ‘The idea is not to confront us. There is an advantage for CONMEBOL because the history of the World Cups started there. I cannot rule out that there are other proposals. In these times we are going to listen to many versions. Today our goal is to continue with the plan of hosting the World Cup on our own’.