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Luis Herrera (32) and Adriana Troncoso (28) decided to fulfill one of the dreams that many adventurous people do not dare to realize: travel to various destinations in a mobile home. During the pandemic, they took it upon themselves to build their small four-wheeled home, without the need for any previous experience, they just had enough energy, motivation and commitment. To date, the duo is traveling and they share everything they live through their social networks, in their blog called “Travel free”.

The couple that travels through several Peruvian tourist destinations in their mobile home. Photo: personal file

Adriana and Camote, as Luis is called by his followers and friends, met at a conservation event on the Marañón River. Since then, the duo has not been separated for a moment. Now, Adriana; who is a marine biologist, and Luis; audiovisual communicator, are touring Peru in their mobile home and plan to do so throughout Latin America.

“[El proyecto] It started four and a half years ago. At first it had nothing to do with the mobile home, it had to do with travel, data so that people can make trips independently, at low cost and get to know natural spaces. A year and a half ago, this was transformed with the plan we had to make the mobile house. We saw people who did it in other places, we gathered what was necessary and bought the combi, we converted it into a campervan without knowing anything about carpentry or knowing how to put a screw”, Louis recounts.

During the pandemic, the couple decided to build the mobile home in which they have now completely moved. In 2021 they began to make small trips and, this year, they have been touring various destinations for three months. “It was about a year the whole process and it’s not like we were totally dedicated to building it. We did it in the quarantine time, each one took different parts to their homes to finish it, that’s why it took us a little longer “Add.

The idea of ​​making trips through this cozy environment came from both of them. “It was a dream that we both had. We always turned it around, because we didn’t set it as a real goal until one day we decided that we did want to do it “, Adrian mentions.

Traveling in a motor home

Although many people do not risk fulfilling their dreams out of fear, Luis and Adriana decided to travel. With their blog, they seek to inspire people to travel and break their fears, no matter how distant they may seem. To date, they have traveled to destinations such as Paracas, Pisco, Ayacucho, Huancayo, Tarma, La Merced, Oxapampa, among others.

“There are people that we have come across and they tell us: ‘You are fulfilling the dream’. We always say that it is a dream of many, but that nobody moves a finger to do it and that is something that we want to inspire and put the little bug that it can. Of course, not everything is wonderful, we work all the time and that includes being uncomfortable, being sad or happy, they are not only good times”, emphasizes Louis. “But it is a lifestyle that gives us happiness”adds Adriana.

The couple who live together 24 hours within a space of two meters, says that they have had a thousand and one experiences, but they point out that in each of their trips they have come across good people who have shaken hands. For example, they remember the time they transported a team of firefighters with all their tools to a fire in the middle of the jungle in Oxapampa or when they received a great discount at a gas station for telling their four-wheel project.

“You come across people who have very good intentions and this has happened to us often. Bad experiences can also happen to us, but it is part of the journey. I think that more is good and good people, apart from the landscapes that you see along the way, people are a very important factor that motivates you to continue”, Louis tells.

next destinations

There are couples who have as long-term goals a job in a good office, a good car or a huge house in the city. However, for Luis and Adriana these goals are not in their plans, since now they have everything that makes them happy. “Instead of buying a house, we decided to buy a car, which is practically a house”Adriana recounts. “We have already met the goal of having a car and the goal of having a house and vacations at the same time. If there are people who think of having a bigger house, then we think of having a bigger truck”, Louis mentions.

Likewise, the couple advises their followers to be encouraged to travel and this does not depend on having a lot of money just wanting to and leaving fear aside. “You don’t need to go to another part of the world or to another country, the trip is more than just moving far away. There is always some way to accomplish it. The theme of fear is a constant and, many times, they sell us the idea that something bad is going to happen, the world is dangerous and in reality you realize that it is not like that”, details the couple.

Luis and Adriana, who have more than 200,000 followers on TikTok and more than 60,000 on Instagram, already have their next trips planned. LAfter staying in Oxapampa for about a month, they will travel to Pucallpa, Tingo María, Chachapoyas and Cajamarca. Then, as a long-term goal, they want to know a large part of Latin America. “First we want to get to know Peru and then get to Mexico”, Adriana advances.