Viajar es un coñazo, por Carles Sans

As it is. To travel I think it’s a big pain. It always seemed that way to me. And I am not referring to the fact of visiting a place more or less distant from ours, but to the fact of transport. Actually, I should say that transportation is a pain in the ass, and more so at this time of year when it seems that anyone who doesn’t travel is a unfortunate. Don’t you know this or that place? It is the usual question and one that one has to avoid to avoid having to explain that traveling seems like a horror to him. Go ahead, I am referring to the way of transporting ourselves that 95% of mortals have, because some enjoy means of transport privateand that is something else.

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I will focus on travel by airplane. The anguish begins when looking for tickets, you don’t always have the time or the seat you would like, so you have to adapt. Then do the bagsomething that after so many years I still haven’t learned to do with the expertise necessary: ​​either I fall short or I exceed. Even if you get out of the taxi with the face of having traveled a thousand times, the arrival at the airport it is always rushed. You never know what can happen until you get to the plane. Check-in queues never move at the pace of your impatience, and you beg providence that your suitcase or your wife’s weigh the kilos you paid for, and no more. Then you have to go through the humiliating Security controls, a space in which some people shout in your face what you have to put on the trays. At that point the person always precedes me slower From the airport. Overcome the detector arcs From scissors to toenails, you go to the monitor that indicates the gate and the status of the flight.

These days, the lateness It is the property of certain companies. Incidentally, I have always been amazed at the resignation with which delays of a flight; almost nobody goes beyond the slight click with the mouth and little else. Once on the plane, already wedged between the seats like those contortionists that are folded into four parts, you wait impatiently for the endless parade of the people who enter. Once landed and already in the hotel you can consider that the transportation has finished. Then yes. Then begins what can be a great trip.