¡Viaje al pasado! Las insólitas fotos de “viaje de egresados” de la China Suárez y Rusherking en Bariloche – Revista Paparazzi

The China Suarez Y Run They continue walking and showing off their love outside of Buenos Aires. After their first vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, the couple of artists went on a getaway to the snow in San Carlos de Bariloche, before the winter holidays.

But this time the Porcelain Y runner They added a third member to the adventure: Thomas RaymondVery close friend of the man from Santiago and now of Eugenia, a digital creator, photographer and director who took the actress as his “muse” and protagonist of a very funny session.

The boys spent a few days in the mecca of student tourism and played at being graduates, they did not miss any panoramic landmark and they lacked the photo with the Saint Bernard dog with the Cerro Catedral in the background to complete their retro album.

One of the funniest moments of the getaway was when Tomi recorded the ex ATAV in her flowery snowsuit, at night, encouraging her to pose for the camera, with Rusherking as producer.

Do I feel like this? Like a girl on a graduate trip? Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio’s mother is heard saying it, tempted to laugh at the situation. Then she shared on her food on Instagram some of the cutest photos her boyfriend’s friend took of her in the snow.

This trip brought to light, again thanks to Thomas, the witness, a very particular scene in which China is seen making Rusherking a “little plane” to feed him dessert in his mouth on the hotel chair. Many of her were disturbed to see her in that role, mothering her boyfriend. Rare…

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