Viajes a Europa más baratos por la devaluación del euro

Cheaper trips to Europe

Plane and train tickets

Many tourists when planning a trip to Europe usually travel to the different countries within the continent. In this caseThe main benefit of the 1 to 1 between the euro and the dollar can be used to move between the different countries of Europe with cheaper tickets.

Both plane and train tickets. It is worth mentioning that the railways are not only a means of transport in Europe but also have luxury tourist attractions and you can enjoy unique experiences traveling through spectacular European landscapes crossing bridges, tunnels, lakes, mountains and rivers. In addition, there are low cost options, just like airplanes.


With the dollar and the euro almost at parity, traveling to Europe becomes an ideal option to take advantage of.

There is an important tip to highlight in the case of airline tickets. As one travel agent reported to The Wall Street Journal, the tickets vary their price according to the country where they are.

That is, if, for example, you want to book a flight between France and Germany, the prices will be different if you book it from the United States or from Europe. In this case, it is advisable to book it from Europe directly, to carry out the transaction more cheaply.

Another tip to get the cheapest price on intra-European flights (from one country to another in Europe) is to switch to the local airline website and book that way. For this, you must enter the website of the airline you decide to travel with and in the upper right corner you will always find the flag of the country in which you want to buy.

clothing and accessories stores

Some prices of designer brands in Europe can be found at the same value as what is purchased in the United States. For example, a designer bag purchased in Paris or Milan might cost less than or the same as one purchased in New York (not taking into account value-added tax).

Hotels and accommodation

As the dollar is more valuable, it is a good time to take advantage of staying in 4 and 5 star hotels that are more accessible and cheaper. With the amount that before one would have reserved a cheaper accommodation, now one can access one of a higher category, luxury and comfort.


Food is another of the points where you can take advantage of the 1 to 1. A fundamental factor when traveling, since eating implies a daily and essential expense for a person. You can take advantage of going out to dinner in restaurants where the dollars will yield more when changing them.

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