Victoria Federica se apunta al verano del pañuelo como top mientras sigue disfrutando con amigas de sus vacaciones de lujo en Ibiza y Formentera

We are not envious, we are not envious, we are not envious… Well, yes, a little, and it is that while we continue in front of the computer, federica victory is enjoying the summer to the body of a king (never better said)although in truth he continues to do the same thing he did throughout the year, enjoying the life of luxury that he leads in his new facet of man of influence of the royal family. And this time he’s doing it on Ibiza and Formentera With her friends. Luxury dinners and lunches, 5-star hotels and all the most popular activities on the island. all that while Leonor and Sofía support women’s football. But not only does it make us envious, it is also inspiring us with the perfect outfits and more in trend that we will also want to put in our suitcase when we finally go on vacation. The latest trend you’ve jumped on? federica victory? To the one with the scarf as a top.