Video de hinchas de Nacional pegándole a otro, publicado por dueño de América

Video de hinchas de Nacional pegándole a otro, publicado por dueño de América

Tulio Alberto Gómez is the owner of the América de Cali soccer team.. He, who a few days ago made the departure of coach Juan Carlos Osorio official, published a video on his social networks in which several Nacional fans are seen attacking each other.

“The violent ones disguised as barristas endanger soccer, incredible that whoever wears the rival team’s jersey or whoever thinks differently is the enemy to be killed,” Gómez wrote in the publication.

In addition, he made a request so that people, especially football supporters, have more tolerance and called on the authorities to make the penalties more severe with these types of subjects.

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In the video you can see how the fight between the vandals took place in the middle of a gasoline pumpcould cause a major tragedy.

The person who got the worst of it all had the bad luck to get entangled with one of the hoses that was in the place mentioned and fell.

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already on the ground, it is seen how several subjects approach him with white weapons (knives, machetes) and stickscausing several injuries that, due to the state in which the man was left, appear to be very serious.

The Police who were present at the scene moved the subject who was on the ground and did not capture any of the assailantsthat they left while the uniformed men, apparently, called reinforcements.

Pulzo refrains from publishing the video out of respect for the victimsbut clicking here You can see the publication shared by the owner of America.