Video: “Me sentía gorda, estaba maluquita”, el motivo por el que Andrea Valdiri no tuvo intimidad con Saruma

Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma were married on April 16 at the Hotel El Prado in Barranquilla. Taken from Instagram @andreavaldirisos

The relationship they have Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma It is one of the most admired by the couple’s followers, because although rumors came and went, they always tried to keep it hidden for approximately ten months, until the moment in which the first images of the marriage preparations were leaked, as well as the moment in which Epa Colombia made mention of the ceremony.

Recently, the dancer gave an interview for Semana with Vicky Dávila and there she told a detail of her relationship with her now husband, which made the journalists blush, because in the middle of the dialogue the dancer revealed that Saruma had been waiting for some time for the ‘ taste of love’.

According to what the dancer expressed, she was not intimate with the audiovisual producer until after she got married, because when they met she asked him to let her improve her appearance a little after having given birth to Adhara, in addition, she felt bad because he witnessed the entire natural birth.

Your birth, I felt fat, my body parts were sagging, I was sick. I was sorryThat man sees me giving birth naturally, can you imagine? For me it was a shame, “said La Valdiri in an interview with Semana.

She added that she would like him to let her feel more satisfied with her body, which is why she decided to undergo plastic surgery that reduced the size of her legs and hips, increased the size of her bust, eliminated the flaccidity of her abdomen and achieved the marking of this area of ​​the body.

He clarified that what caused him the most discomfort at the time was seeing himself overweight, so Felipe Saruma raised his self-esteem with good comments, which made him regain his confidence and ended up falling in love with the young man.

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“I told him wait, I’ll get pretty, I’m very fat, and he still flirted with me, he told me beautiful things, He treated me very nice, every time he could he told me that I was beautiful and I feel that without a doubt he raised my self-esteem quickly”, concluded the influencer.

Here the complete content of Andrea Valdiri:

The content creator revealed that she felt bad about her body, so she asked her partner to wait for her to improve a little

It is worth mentioning that the content creator revealed the reasons why he preferred to keep the relationship with his now wife hidden, despite the fact that they shared every event they attended.

“In social networks we always show what happens to us in our lives, but this time we wanted to keep it until the right moment, live the beautiful, getting to know each other, falling in love with each other, with their beautiful things, their virtues and also their weaknesses and defects, “said Saruma in the video, which did not go unnoticed on this platform, to the point that several entertainment accounts reposted it.

He also detailed that the first destination of your honeymoon will be, neither more nor less, than the desert of Marrakechone of the most important cities in Morocco, North Africa. Same place where other celebrities, such as Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Lionel Messi, have decided to spend their vacations at some point.

Afterwards, the newlywed couple will depart for DubaiUnited Arab Emirates, characterized by its expensive lifestyle, as well as the luxurious skyscrapers and the eccentricities of its inhabitants.


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