Video: Paola Jara y Jessi Uribe se casaron en Medellín

Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe are officially husband and wife. The popular music singers sealed their love in a Catholic church in Llano Grande, Medellín, and the ceremony was full of emotional moments.

One of them was undoubtedly the entrance of the 39-year-old bride to the temple. Right at the door, Paola stopped to sing to her now husband, she sang the song ‘Hay amores’, by Shakira, remembered for being the soundtrack of the movie ‘Love in the time of cholera’.

Hundreds of guests attended the ceremony, including family and friends of the couple, as well as figures from the musical world. The spouses have revealed that they will travel to Dubai to celebrate the honeymoon, because that has always been Paola’s wish.

The love story

Paola and Jessi have a love story that is as famous in the country as it is controversial. Both, as singers of the popular genre, had coincided in several events, but it was not until 2019 when the rumors began to sound that they were romantically involved. Precisely in that year they collaborated on ‘Como si nada’, a successful song of spite that remained for weeks in the first places of the most listened to of the genre.

Both the video and the interviews they gave to promote the issue showed an undeniable chemistry, but both were married at the time to other people.

Months later, the couple made their relationship official and many criticized Paola for allegedly breaking into Jessi’s marriage, however, she assured in 2020: “Jessi made the decision she wanted to make, not for me, I neither got involved, nor I looked for him, we started a relationship when he left home”.

Despite the criticism, in 2021, both confirmed the commitment that they made a reality today.