Visitamos este “chiringuito urbano” en pleno centro de Madrid y esta es nuestra valoración

We very cats fill our souls with fatigue when we leave the capital behind. Only patron saint festivities, and the many places of culinary delight, serve as a hook and consolation to pack our bags. The Mediterranean is always a temptation that today we can suffocate without traveling, by taxi, in what the creators of this “Mar Mía” call an “urban beach bar”. And as the great Alfredo Landa would add “chiringuito, but of category”. It is undeniable that Charles Bosch He has the gift of finding the beautiful and good even in the rough, and as an “expert in moons”, he makes them join in this dream, the representation of the good work in rice dishes and seafood pieces of his beloved Alicante.

Where Plaza de Isabel II, 7. Madrid telephone 965 14 44 44 Half price 65 euros

Thus, Luis Rodríguez has allowed himself to be duped into bringing utensils and cooks of Casa Elíastesting paellas that support exports and gas, instead of firewood and trevere. At the moment, two great examples, a classic in his house: the rice with rabbit and snails, and the other with vegetables. A single grain thick fried rice, loose and very concentrated in flavor, reminiscent of socarrat. My dear Mari Carmen, very expert in rice dishes, found the differences with the original that she knows very well, and subtly nuanced it, thus helping on the path to perfection.