VIVIR VERANO, los contenidos refrescantes con viajes, relatos de humor, entrevistas impertinentes…

A pair of pants, two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a pair of socks and a change of clothes, sandals for the shower and a toiletry bag that fits in a pocket. But what kind of luggage is this for a two-week trip? Well, exactly the one that fits in the saddlebag of a bicycle. «I wanted to put some slippers but my husband convinced me to leave them at home. ‘What if I’m cold?’ ‘Well, you wear socks with flip-flops.’ That’s how light Julia Fernández and Gonzalo de las Heras, editor and infographics designer of this newspaper, set off to complete a fourteen-day bike route. They are going to cover 800 kilometers of the Camino del Cid Campeador: from Vivar, after his exile, to Valencia, where he became king.

With the story of his journey, the LIVING SUMMER section kicks off this year, which will offer readers refreshing content from July 17 to August 28, both on the web and in the printed edition. In addition to this demanding bike route, we are going on a Mediterranean cruise; we ‘sit down’ to eat in restaurants where there has been no free table for months; We review swimwear, from the demure swimsuit to the impossible triquini or the bikini in reverse! what is worn now; we embarrass celebrities with our impertinent questions; and we are going to laugh, out loud, with humorous stories.

Starting on Sunday the 17th, Julia and Gonzalo, journalists, cyclists and a married couple set off by bike from Burgos. Instead of some carbohydrate bars and almond paste, which is what they usually eat on the go, they stock up on artisan pastries that they have bought at the nuns’ shop, “which you have to combine work with tourism.” The bikes weigh “a quintal” but, at least, says Julia, the start is flat and exciting to look at: “The wheat is blinding. It makes me want to stop and roll around in the meadows, which seem like a soft and pleasant mattress, with the wind making the ears of corn dance and the birds singing… All very mindful». Julia and Gonzalo are going to need to relax en route because everything is going to happen to them. He even lost a flip-flop halfway, which you will say is not a big deal, but with so little luggage and on the road without a store in sight for dozens of kilometers…

When they arrive in Valencia, at the end of the month, they will take over our pages
the peculiar stories of foreigners who visit us in summer. The Germans Klaus Joas and Chris Penkwitt travel 2,500 kilometers to come to Sabucedo to see the Rapa das Bestas tradition – «I read about this festival in the ‘National Geographic’. Spain is a genuine country. Where else do you see bull runs, Holy Week processions, tomato fights, ‘ninots’ that are set on fire? And Galicia is even more so”, they say–, a group of eight teenagers from Michigan end up discussing the Civil War in the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca and the French Christian and Patricia Nodarian soak up culture in La Mancha.

In August we are going on a cruise.

The partner
Pink stick She has not forgiven us that last year we sent her to travel the south in a motorhome, to a hotel urbanite like her! So
this time we tempt you with a cruiseor with departure in Valencia and arrival in Ibiza – he will visit Marseille, Rome, Naples…–. “I’m not a cruise ship. They concentrate all that I hate: lots of people, quick visits, having to get ready for the captain’s dinner, shows like ‘Murcia, how beautiful you are!’… The first cruise I did was in the Mediterranean. The second, for the Baltic, but I already knew what it was and since there was a cocktail tasting I did the whole thing, from a to z…». Rosa leaves alone with “the saint” –the husband– because “the heir” –the son– “this time he said ‘nanai’, that we go alone, that he is going on vacation with his friends”.

And what would summer be without celebrity covers? We are also going to take out… the colors.
Rigoberta Bandini, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Diego Arrabal or Ana Milan, among others, lend themselves to an authentic daily third degree. And on weekends ‘sons of’ like Laura Rojas Marcos, Gracia Querejeta, Odile Rodríguez… they tell us how they live in the shadow of their famous fathers and mothers.

And we will also be in the shade, of that which is appreciated in summer, at the table of ‘Casa Manolo’ (Mallorca), in Bar Mal Pas (Benidorm), in the Cuartel del Mar (Chiclana, Cádiz), Casa Joaquín (Almería ), El Rompeolas (Tazones, Asturias)… Too bad there’s been no room for months.
They are the most sought-after bars and restaurants. Let’s see what they have on the menu… Summer menus, sure, like the contents of this section.

complete the offer
the nostalgic stories that Rosa Belmonte will make remembering the summers of the Tour de France. Txema Rodríguez offers us an alternative summer plan and takes us every Sunday to discover
amazing places: from the Dag Shang Kagyu Buddhist temple in Huesca to the largest underground mine in the world, which is in A Fraguiña (Orense), or the Museum of the mummies in Quinto, Zaragoza. And on Saturdays, fashion time: what happened to the trikini, when did sarongs become fashionable, what are the coolest sunglasses…

We also make a little hole for nostalgia with Andrea Morán and José Ángel Esteban, who choose
movies, books, poems, paintings… that recreate that inspiring concept of ‘a summer night’.

And how about we close with a little humor? Last year we dared with mystery stories, but now we have entered the comic vein and
every saturday and sunday we will offer a delivery of humor: summer stories and laughter, from aliens including a tacky singer Georgie Dann to the story of the convalescent Adela, who was going to celebrate her 35th birthday in French Polynesia, but fate has taken her to a hospital with her leg broken. We do not make them ‘spoilers’. Find out for yourself the end from next Sunday.