West Ham asusta a Manchester City y aprieta Premier League con Liverpool: video goles | Premier League

A scare of those and a result that could have been and was not, was seen and suffered in the duel between West Ham and Manchester City. Own goal, saved penalty, surprise and other ingredients combined to keep the Premier League alive for at least a few more days.

The situation is clear: West Ham stole a 2-2 draw from Manchester City and forced them to beat Aston Villa on the last date, while Liverpool, who still have to host Southampton on Tuesday and visit Wolves on May 22, expect another slip from the arch-rival and six points in closing. So he could continue to aim for the four titles he longs for in the season. Although of course, if Guardiola’s men win, they don’t care what Luis Díaz and Klopp’s men do.

And even so there is a fight thanks to a West Ham that went ahead in the first half and that by an own goal gave up what could have been a phenomenal victory.

On a great night for Bowen, this is how he punished at 24 minutes:

And so Bowen himself extended the advantage for the unexpected partial 2-0:

But the much-discussed Grealish came out in defense of the Premier title, just in time (minute 49):

And then, at 69, the misfortune of West Ham and, incidentally, of Liverpool, who dreamed of a defeat of their great rival in the Premier, when Coufal put the ball in his own goal:

And to think that West Ham forgave the third when Antonio rushed in Fernandinho’s gift that put him in front of the goalkeeper, because the next clear chance, a free kick from the side, that own goal came. Anyway. Soccer.

Rodri wanted at 74 but Bowen reappeared, again free but he rebounded by sheer luck to Laporte and, contrary to what happened to Coufal, this time he went outside. The result is not all bad for City because it depends on itself and Wet Ham dreams of a place in the Europa League.