Will Smith recibe una muy buena noticia tras semanas de escándalo

Will Smith recibe una muy buena noticia tras semanas de escándalo

It’s been a really tough few weeks Will Smith since his high-profile episode at the Oscars with chris rock. His violent reaction has had consequences in his life and in his career that have been known over the days.

Among others, his supposed entry into a center where he could face everything he had lived through and the veto for a decade from the Film Academy.

However, in the midst of such bad news, the Oscar-winning actor has received good news in his life, more than enough reason to celebrate.

(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images) Will Smith

And it is that, in the end, everything that happened has also triggered an unexpected event that benefits him not only personally but also financially.

It’s about the massive increase in sales of your book Will bepublished in 2021, the acquisition of it has soared so much that it is already among the first positions in all its versions.

This self-help and overcoming book that recounts very strong episodes of his life ranks 73rd among the 150 best-selling books of the moment in the USA Today list, which is renewed weekly.

In addition, it has reached the number two position of the best-selling non-fiction books, online and in print, on the list of The New York Times. Undoubtedly an achievement that, within all the bad things that have happened, will mean a lot to Will, for whom this book means a lot.

It was an expected event. His way of acting, for many more than a reaction to a practical joke, could have a lot to do with the fears and traumas he recounted in his work. Hence, people have been interested in knowing him a little more and, perhaps, if not understanding, at least knowing those experiences that marked him.

At the moment, the actor has not returned to make an appearance on the networks or in the media. He has shared several statements, one to publicly apologize to everyone, including his partner and the recipient of his anger, and another to accept the decision of the Film Academy.

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