Will Smith vetado por Netflix: se suspende rodaje de nueva película – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Will Smith vetado por Netflix: se suspende rodaje de nueva película - Cine y Tv - Cultura

A week has passed since the embarrassing incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars and, it seems, the consequences for the actor of ‘I am Legend’ continue to appear.

This time, according to ‘Hollywood Reporter’, Netflix suspended the recordings of the movie ‘Fast and Loose’, which would star Smith.

According to the medium, “Shortly after Will Smith’s attack on Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, Netflix quietly moved the project to the back burner.“.

The film told the story of a crime leader who lost his memory after an attack. As the man searched for clues to his past, he learned that he wielded a dual identity as a retired CIA agent and millionaire capo.

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Will Smith punched Rock at the Oscars.

For now, it is unknown if the platform plans to resume the idea for the near future with new actors and a new director, since David Leitch had resigned from production a week before Smith hit Rock.

Additionally, the US portal highlights that there are two Will Smith projects that are on the tightropeone of them is Apple +’s ‘Emancipation’, which is in post-production, and the second is Sony’s ‘Bad Boys 4’, which was apparently put on hold after the Oscars.

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However, none of the producers has been mentioned on the subject. In fact, Apple + and Netflix refused to comment on what happened.

The truth is that the actor of ‘In search of happiness’ is sorry for his behavior and has been open to the consequences that his actions may bring.. In fact, recently, she resigned from the Hollywood Academy.

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I resign my membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will accept any other consequence the Board deems appropriate“, announced the actor in a statement.

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