Yeferson Cossio, criticado por “arrogancia” tras cuestionar viajes en Guatapé

Yeferson Cossio, criticado por

Yeferson Cossio went to his personal Instagram account to cast a doubt about the boat trips made by tourism agencies on Lake Guatapé (Antioquia), where he has his home.

“There are ‘tours’ that bring people by boat to see my house. Is it even legal? ”, Asked the content creator through a short video, while he recorded one of those boats.

That tourist area is characterized by the fact that several public figures, including celebrities such as J Balvin and James Rodríguez, have properties there.

This was the video that the Instagram account of Tracing Famous replied with the question that the Antioquian asked.

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Yeferson Cossio: criticism for questioning trips in Guatapé

Several people commented on the publication of Tracing gossip to criticize Yeferson Cossio for that statement that the tourist tour seeks to expose his home, to the point that they jokingly described him as “the owner of Guatape.”

“The boat passes by, they do not enter his mansion. Lower 3 lines to his arrogance. neither james [Rodríguez] he says nothing when they pass his. In any case, excuse us, doctor, ”said one person.

Some even compared him to James Rodríguez and J Balvin by indicating that they have never complained about those tours, in addition to the fact that there were those who denied that Cossio’s property is promoted.

“Those of us who have gone on a ‘tour’ have never heard that his house is mentioned,” said one person, to which another added: “Let him buy a house on Mars so they don’t see it.”

These were some of the critical comments towards the man from Antioquia for his affirmation that the tourist tours are made so that they can see his house.

Instagram @tracingfamous
Instagram @tracingfamous