Yeferson Cossio se queja de empresa que promueve tour para ver su casa – Gente – Cultura

Yeferson Cossio se queja de empresa que promueve tour para ver su casa - Gente - Cultura

Yeferson Cossio has been in the news lately due to his relationship with model Jenn Muriel.. After announcing their breakup a few months ago and subsequently uploading content in which it is seen that they are back together again, his followers have been very aware of his actions.

However, this time he is in the spotlight for a different reason. Through his stories, the influencer He looked upset when a boat was passing in front of his house in Guatapé, Antioquia.

According to him, said vehicle belongs to a tourism company that takes several travelers to see the houses of celebrities who live near that area.

“Is that legal? There’s a fucking… tour company that brings people by boat to look at my house, Is that chimb… even legal?” Cossio said on his Instagram account, visibly uncomfortable.

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(Don’t see from the app? See the image here).

His followers were quick to answer his question, stating that he was being too “exaggerated” with his reaction: “Yes, it is legal, if they do it in Miami Beach through the channel of Shakira, Marc Anthony, Al Capone. Now what do you think? My God”; “It is already enlarged”; “Of course, from afar I have done the tour and they show the house of James Rodriguez, Amparo Grisales, Pablo Escobar among others, why not yours?”

It should be noted that, as the tour is by boat, at no time do you enter the property of the personso you are only seeing the facade of your house.

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In fact, there are several videos on YouTube in which you can see the route taken by tourists, who not only see this influencer’s house but also that of Faustino Asprilla, Natalia Paris, Chocquibtown, Maluma, Amparo Grisales and even Álvaro Uribe. .

(Don’t see from the app? Watch the video here).

Teaches Jenn how to shoot

Days later, Yeferson Cossio shared on the same social network how taught his girlfriend, Jenn, how to shoot a gun. In the video, it can be seen how the model was recording it, while he explained to her how she should pick it up and carry it to shoot.

“I don’t know what’s in Jennifer’s future plans, but he asked me to teach him how to shoot”, Cossio wrote in the publication.

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Moment in which Jenn is seen trying to shoot.


Instagram: @yefersoncossio

After finishing his explanation, the man shot at a black caneca. In the next story, Jenn is seen holding the gun and trying to reload to make a new shot at the same object.

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