Zelenski celebra triunfo ucraniano en festival de Eurovisión | El Mundo | DW

“Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!” Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski wrote in the early hours of Sunday (05.15.2022) to celebrate his nation’s victory in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, marked by the invasion of Russia.

“Next year, Ukraine will host Eurovision for the third time in its history. And I think it won’t be the last,” added Zelensky from his Facebook account on Sunday after learning the results of the popular contest, held this year in Turin. in northern Italy.

The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, added that “next year Ukraine will host” this festival, as befits the victorious country.

Want festival in Mariupol

“We will do everything so that one day the participants and guests of the festival will be held in the Ukrainian Mariupol,” he added, referring to the city ravaged by the Russian invasion and attacks and where some 600 people still survive hidden in a steel mill who have not been able to be evacuated.

Zelenki added that he wants the next edition of the contest to take place in a “free, peaceful and restored” Ukraine.

“Ukrainian culture is still alive”

For his part, Oleh Psiuk, leader of the Kalush Orchestra, the band that won the crystal microphone of 2022, proclaimed after concluding the 66th edition of the festival that “Ukrainian culture is still alive.”

By Psiuk, singer.

“This victory is very significant especially in these days when the Ukrainian culture is under attack. We are here to show that the Ukrainian culture and music is still alive,” he exclaimed at the final press conference, welcomed with applause.

“Kalush Orchestra” won Eurovision with its song “Stefania”, a song to the mother country, just at a time when this European country is suffering from the war unleashed by the Russian invasion since last February 24.

Psiuk thanked the support of all Ukrainians, the diaspora and all citizens who gave their support to his song, a rap with folkloric touches that appeals to Ukrainian mothers.

After his performance at the Olympic Palace in Turin, from the stage, the band’s vocalist asked for “help” for his country, as well as for the city of Mariupol and the Azovstal steel mill, where the resistance is entrenched.

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